Welcome to our first Hearing Health Blog by All American Hearing & Hearing in Covington, WA. Our goal is to provide insights on the impact of hearing loss and to clarify the confusing and sometimes conflicting messages about purchasing and using hearing aids. We, at All American Hearing & Hearing, set a high standard. We provide our community with individualized care to develop the most effective and cost efficient means of treating hearing loss. We offer a warm and professional environment to help individuals with hearing difficulties be comfortable in the process of finding new solutions or optimizing their existing hearing aids.

Our blog posts will be educational and hopefully dispel some of the myths surrounding the treatment of hearing loss and hearing aids. They also will be light-hearted and fun. We understand that addressing a hearing loss can be an unnerving concept at first and we want to ease any anxieties that may occur by making the process enjoyable and hassle-free.

For those readers of upcoming posts we encourage all commentary, feedback and questions that can either be shared in the comments section or by submitting your information on our Contact Us form. If you do choose to share your comment or question for all to see, please make sure it is constructive so others who view may be able to receive the same helpful information as you. We looked forward to replying to any inquiries in a timely fashion and participating in dialogue that can help those in need seek the treatment they deserve at All American Hearing & Hearing.

Happy Hearing!

Michelle L. Arbini